Q: My order is a gift... could you wrap it up?
A: Certainly, but it is at an extra cost of $3.

Q: I saw something I'd love in another color, do you do custom orders?
A: Oh yes we do. Custom orders make up the bulk of the work around here.

Q: What happens if I only want a bonnet and booties?
A: That's no problem..... perfect for custom orders.

Q: Why are the sleeves always plain?
A: I designed these for preemie babies originally and I didn't want their little fingers to get caught in the lace. So... it is to try and protect baby fingers from injury and also for ease of dressing the precious little one.

Q: I saw a set for sale, but you say you can't replicate it for me..... why?
A: Sometimes I am able to get only a small amount of yarn in a specific color. Then the sweater set becomes a "One of a kind" if I am unable to locate that yarn again.

Q: Can I get novelty buttons or other embellishments put on a sweater set?
A: Certainly - buttons average $1-$2 (for the set of 3) and so do the satin roses. Just ask.... we can definitely work something out.

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